Why do I need fluoride?

A professional fluoride treatment is not just for children. It protects against cavities and reduces sensitivity. Fluoride also protects the investment you may have made in dental restorations.

Fluoride inhibits the demineralization of sound enamel and enhances the remineralization (recovery) of tooth enamel. This improved structure is more acid resistant and therefore helps to prevent dental cavities (caries) by affecting the activity of bacteria.

Our hygienists will administer safe, controlled dosages of fluoride at your hygiene appointments. For those patients who require more protection, a loading dose may be given in our office and the hygienist will provide you with a daily fluoride rinse to use in your home care.

Cost effective, in comparison to a single filling or larger restoration, fluoride treatments in our office utilize the best the dental industry has to offer by using fluoride varnish. The new varnish allows you to eat and drink immediately following your dental care.